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Julie Learning Center is an educational facility which nurtures children and furthers the growth and development of their basic skills.  Emphasis is placed on recognizing the goodness and provident care of God in living the Gospel through interaction with the Sisters of Notre Dame, staff and children.



A child is a precious gift from God deserving respect, nurturing, guidance, education, love, discipline, and reverence while growing and developing in the holistic arena of life.


At Julie Learning Center, the non-competitive, child-centered environment is prepared to enhance childhood simplicity for the spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological health of each child.



Link to the Kentucky preschool standards

Julie Learning Center bases its academic content on the standards provided by the state of Kentucky.  It is not our intent to replicate them exactly, but to implement those that best fit the needs of our mission and our students.





JLC is sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and licensed to operate legally by the Commonwealth of Kentucky – Cabinet for Health Services – Division of Licensing and Regulation, Frankfort, KY 40621 and the Department of Law – Cabinet for Human Resources, 275 East Main St., 4 West, Frankfort, KY 40621-0001.  The facility has been inspected and approved by the state of KY Fire Marshall.



The Julie Learning Center reserves the right to accept all children on a trial basis. Parents who tour the school with the intent of enrolling a child who is younger than four will be verbally told the approximate length of that period.  JLC reserves the right the make a determination as to a child’s readiness for our program and to offer parents the option of transferring enrollment to a later date in the current or following school year. In this circumstance, the non-refundable registration fee will be applied to the later registration date. JLC does not discriminate in its enrollment of children based on race, sex, or religion.


Children will be placed in appropriate groups with a ratio of 14/1 at the maximum for instruction.  A teacher’s assistant may be present as well. 


All children who enroll for the school year must be completely toilet trained and able to take care of ALL of those needs.  This includes initiating necessary bathroom trips by asking the teacher before an accident occurs, getting in and out of clothing, reaching the toilets (stools are available if necessary), wiping, and washing hands afterwards.  We do not correlate “being dry for a period of time” as being toilet trained.  Parents of children who are not toilet trained will be advised of this, and are expected to accept the recommendations of the school regarding those needs.  One possibility may be deferring enrollment to a later date, and the decision of the administrator is final.




JLC will be open during the school year between late August and the end of May from 7:00 AM till 5:45 PM, Monday through Friday.  The school calendar changes each year, and is available on the website in word format and provided in calendar format to parents through email at the beginning of the school year.  There is no guarantee that our calendar will coordinate with those of any other schools in the area.


Children may need help adjusting to a school situation.  Parents can help by talking about school, mentioning the activities, classmates, and that caregivers will arrive to pick them up after their school day is over.  Letting the child know that parents have a work routine, and children have a school routine helps children understand the separation a little better.  Children’s greatest concern seems to be that no one will pick them up or they will miss something that is going on at home while they are in school.


Julie Learning Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and has a full time Director.  Children are assigned to one area under the supervision of a qualified staff member.  All staff members are experienced and well trained to meet the needs of the children.  Regular staff meetings and ongoing training and workshops assure that they will continue to be able to meet the challenges that child care professionals face each day.


Julie Learning Center is licensed by the state of Kentucky.  The license is displayed on the bulletin board next to the entrance door.  The center is inspected periodically by a site visitor, to ensure the best for the children in the areas of health, safety and specific requirements mandated by state standards.  JLC is in partnership with state regulatory agencies that are supportive of quality child care. Julie Learning Center does not participate in the STARS Program and has filed notice with the state as required.



Julie Learning Center is a pre-school, educational facility that provides before and after school care from 7 to 8am and from 3:30 until 5:45 pm.  While arrivals after the 8am start time may not appear to be an issue on an individual level, they cause disruption in the classroom environment that may only be felt after the parent departs.  Delayed arrivals create daily distractions from the curriculum and negatively affect overall classroom behavior.  In order to meet the needs of all children within the classroom setting, JLC maintains a cutoff time for arrivals of 8:30 AM.

We understand that unexpected delays happen and will allow each child 2 late passes per term, (August – December and January – May) to provide parents with some flexibility to deal with unexpected events such as traffic jams or bad weather.  Children using late passes must arrive no later than 11:00 AM.  If your child has a medical appointment, the parent must present a health care visit receipt to be exempted from using the school pass.


JLC uses a behavior modification process to encourage children to reinforce responsibility, self-reliance, and empathy.  This color chart is on display in the classroom and the children are responsible for moving their clip to appropriate levels on the chart.  A note is attached to the clip to inform the parents of the reason the clip is on a particular color. 



The chart is effective in teaching these concepts to the child and serves as a notification method for the parents.  Parents are asked to reinforce good behavior at home, and may request a phone call regarding the child’s behavior from the teacher.  It is inappropriate to blame or berate the teacher because of your child’s behavior.





Any child with special needs who wishes to apply for entrance to JLC will be given consideration based on our ability to provide a safe, supportive, and reasonable care within the parameters of teacher/student ratio and whether or not we are fully qualified to provide specific care that might be necessary. Final determination will be at the discretion of JLC .



Home, cell and work phone numbers for each parent or guardian are kept on file for each child.  Two alternative phone numbers of friends or relatives that can be contacted in case of illness or emergency are also required.  Please make sure these numbers will be answered when JLC calls.


Parents are responsible for notifying JLC of any changes in phone numbers and must update the  green emergency card on file at the sign in desk if necessary.  Please ask a teacher to locate the card so that you can make appropriate changes.



JLC may schedule field trips throughout the year at an additional cost to the parents.  No child will be permitted to accompany the class on a field trip unless the written permission slip and medical care form are on file at the center.  Permission given over the phone is not acceptable.


When a field trip is scheduled on a day that a child is not normally in attendance, and at the option of the school, the parents may transport the child to the field trip location and remain with him/her for the duration of the event or pay for an additional half or full day of attendance at JLC so the child can attend under the supervision of the staff.  An option to switch a day of attendance so that your child can attend may be offered at the discretion of the administrator.



All parents are required to sign a financial responsibility paper and an agreement with FACTS, an online tuition management system used by JLC.



Parents are to provide a lunch and two snacks for their children.  Foods sent to the center must comply with the licensing requirements as stipulated by the state; no candy is allowed.

Children with allergies or reactions to certain foods or food groups must have an allergy plan on file with JLC.  Depending on the allergy, parents may be asked to provide lunch and/or snacks for their child.  There is no reimbursement for food costs in these situations.


Please, no food treats are to be sent in for birthdays. 


For the protection of each child and to meet licensing regulations, parents must keep a child home when s/he is ill or has a fever.  The staff members have been instructed to refuse any child who is ill when the parent or guardian drops him/her off.  The staff has been trained by a registered nurse to recognize the common signs of illness.  It is our expectation that the child is always a priority.  Therefore, if the child becomes ill during the day a parent will be notified and other arrangements will be necessary for the child’s care.  Per licensing requirements, the child may return to the center after s/he has been fever free for 24 hours.  

JLC will not administer over the counter medications or prescriptions without written parent permission.

Should a staff member become ill with a communicable disease or display signs of an illness, she will not be permitted to be with children until the illness is gone.

Signed permission for obtaining emergency medical attention is required for a child to enter Julie Learning Center.

In case of an accident or emergency, staff would immediately call 911.  A parent will be notified if his/her child has had an emergency and action will be taken as specified on the Emergency Form filed in the office of JLC.  The emergency staff will make final determinations regarding the hospital destination if the parent request is not expedient due to the nature of the emergency.


Medication, prescription or otherwise, may be dispensed only when the parent provides a signed permission slip on the JLC form.  The medicine must be IN THE ORIGINAL BOTTLE with dosage and times to administer provided.  Medication left at the center will be discarded after one week unless the prescription indicates longer usage.


Daycare regulations prohibit animals in the building unless under specific restrictions.  Please leave all animals in the car when you pick up your child.



In the interest of the child’s health, and the health of all the children in the center, all the children enrolled must have a current immunization record on file.  Children whose immunizations are not current will be excluded from attendance until they are in compliance.  Notices are given to parents when the immunization forms on file are close to expiration.  Children will be required to present evidence of a flu vaccine for any current school year no later than a date to be determined by the administration.



JLC closes promptly at 5:45 PM.  Parents who do not pick up their children by then will be charged $1.00 for every minute they are late.  This fee is payable to the staff member when the child is picked up.  If a child is not picked up by 7:00 PM, proper authorities will be notified. 

For students attending half days, the dismissal time for the morning session is 12:30.  Parents who do not pick up their children by 12:30 will be charged $1.00 for every minute they are late.  This fee is payable to the teacher who is with the child at the time of pickup or the next day of attendance at the latest.  This can be an awkward situation for the parent and the teacher.  It is not appropriate for the person picking up the child to assume that s/he is being treated unfairly because the policies are being enforced.


Even though JLC may occasionally assist other schools ministries by distributing flyers and/or literature, there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase products or participate in the advertised activities, nor is it an endorsement on our part.


JLC holds an information event before the start of each school year.  It is our expectation that at least one parent from each family attend this event so that they can meet the teachers, hear about necessary paperwork, and have an opportunity to meet other parents. Parents who do not attend this event are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the policies, routine, and requirements that we expect of each family.  


Fresh air and exercise are important to a child’s good health.  Children should always be dressed for the weather as we are outside daily unless there is severe weather.


Parents should check the child’s cubby for personal notes, announcements, and reminders about activities on a daily basis.  This is the method teachers frequently use to communicate with parents.

Parent/legal guardian visits are permitted with prior arrangements.  Family activities and special events may be scheduled during the school year. 

Student progress reports for all preschoolers will be available at the end of the year or scheduled as the need arises.  If you wish to speak to a staff member about your child’s progress, please schedule a conference outside of the teacher’s work schedule.  Teachers are not available on a spur of the moment basis for such conversations as they are responsible for children during their working hours.


Students may register for part time attendance but those days must be consistent throughout the school year.  There is a $150 fee to change attendance days after August 15.


JLC uses on-line sites such as Facebook and FLICKR to post pictures for parents to view.  

JLC also posts pictures of children in groups as part of the website design.  No names or identifying information is used.  The website is public.


JLC issues reports to parents regarding their child’s behavioral and academic progress during the school year.  Parents who have questions about their child's assimilation into a preschool routine will be asked to speak directly to a teacher.  At that time, if the concerns are something the parent needs further information on, the teacher will ask you to discuss those concerns with your pediatrician.  The health care provider can then either provide a targeted checklist or refer you to another health care provider who specializes in learning styles.  In either case, the health care provider will send the school one of the standard, educational evaluations; the teachers will complete it and return it directly to the health care provider.  Evaluations designed by parents will not be accepted as we expect parents to speak directly to a teacher about specifics that might not be addressed on our standard reports.  


It is not acceptable for parent members of the JLC Community to berate, argue with, or otherwise speak unkindly to each other, regardless of the relationship.  All discussions on JLC property will be conducted in a civil manner.

JLC Staff members take the place of parents while the child is in their care.  They strive to make sure the child feels comfortable, is safe, and learns responsibility for his/her actions and behaviors.  Families who do not follow this code of conduct and who choose to be uncivil in their comments to staff members about their children will be withdrawn.

Parents who engage in irresponsible or damaging social media efforts in disagreements with JLC and its policies and practices will be asked to withdraw their child(ren) from the school.


No child will ever be left alone or unsupervised by a staff member.

The parent must escort the child to the center.

No pre-school child may be dropped off and permitted to walk in alone. 

Staff will be on hand to greet the children and will remain with them until the last child has left. 

There is immediate access to a working phone in each area of the center. 

Every classroom has a posted Medical Emergency Plan and Fire/Weather Plan. 

Drills are held monthly and recorded. 

In the event of a medical emergency, the staff will follow the posted plan and seek treatment for each child as specified on the child’s Emergency Form.

Parents will be given a copy of an incident report should a child become injured or hurt during the day.

Children’s Protective Services will be notified if a staff member suspects that a child is being abused or neglected.  The local phone number for reporting child abuse and/or neglect is 859-292-6340.  Anyone who suspects child abuse or neglect must report it.

The use of aerosols will be prohibited where children are present. 

No adult may smoke while on the Julie Learning Center premises.


In the morning, as an important security measure, each child is to be brought into the center to assure that the child is under supervision before the parent leaves.  At the beginning and end of the day, a parent or guardian is required to sign the child in and out.  JLC will not release a child to anyone under eighteen years of age, without written parent permission.

It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the center in writing anytime the child will be picked up by a person not authorized on the enrollment form.  Identification may be requested from the person in charge.  It is not appropriate for a parent to berate or question the intentions or behavior of any staff member who might not recognize the person picking up a child; who might engage in a conversation with that person about the dismissal routine, or who asks the individual to verify his/her identification. 

JLC abides by all legally served court orders.  The center must have a notarized court order on file regarding parental custody orders.  JLC is required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect to proper authorities.


JLC uses Channel 12 School Watch to post closings and delays due to weather or other issues.  Parents may check these on line, watch for the scrolls on television broadcasts, or sign up text alerts from the TV station if available. 

There is no refund of the tuition for snow days.  In the event that we have more than five, JLC will make every attempt to make up the additional days; however, there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so due to calendar constraints and availability of staff. 

JLC has well defined plans for both weather and disaster evacuation. Emergency drills are held regularly.  Should an emergency requiring evacuation of the building occur, parents will be notified through announcements on school watch, or, if possible, through a direct email. 


Children are not permitted to bring toys, jewelry, and backpacks to the Center. Distracting, wearable items such as animal headbands, costumes, capes, clothing with trailing, dangling pieces or other types of clothing that the teachers deem to be distracting or a safety concern are not permitted.  Children may not wear slippery shoes, heels, Crocs, open toe sandals, flip flops, shoes with noisemakers, or similar shoes to the center.  These are all dangerous on the playground and expose the foot to injury.  Children may not wear tie shoes unless the child is able to tie them himself or herself.  

While attending JLC, children should not wear any clothing that restricts movement, cannot be easily washed, or cannot be easily handled by themselves when toileting.  Each child is asked to have an extra set of well fitting, weather appropriate clothing, including underwear and socks, on hand at all times.  These will be kept in drawers in the lunchroom at the center.  All soiled clothing must be taken home on the day it is placed in the child’s cubby and returned the following day.

Certain special dress days may be announced and children may wear special clothing at that time.


JLC is a preschool which offers extended day care for the convenience of parents.  The tuition is set each year by the Board of Directors.  There are no refunds for snow days, vacations, sick days, or other missed student time.

Full time enrollment in our program offers the most comprehensive social, emotional, and academic preparation for attendance in a regular elementary program.  Students who attend part time, are not able to participate in all activities that we provide for full time students.  Please be aware that, in those circumstances, your child will miss portions of the curriculum content and his/her skills may not be comparable to those of peers who attend the full program. Part time students may not switch days or add extended hours for special events.

Tuition is payable monthly to FACTS, an online tuition management system.
Checking account withdrawals, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are accepted, although FACTS charges a convenience fee for using credit cards. 

Parents will be given a link to FACTS for information about using this on-line payment system when their child’s registration is confirmed, at Open House, and/or on the school’s web site.  For children registering before the school year begins, all accounts must be set up no later than August 15.

There is a fee of $150 for any change of program after the initial enrollment.

The Center has the right to request withdrawal of a child for non-payment of fees. 


JLC requests a two week’s written notice prior to withdrawing a child from the center.  Without this notice, the parent is liable for the full tuition amount for that two week period.


JLC, its Board and Administrators reserve the right to make changes to the Handbook at any time.  JLC reserves the right to dismiss any child for disruptive or hurtful behavior as well as one who shows an inability to comply with established policy and procedure.


Signature page 10 is below.  A copy will be provided to each family on Orientation Night and must be signed and returned to the center.









This page must be signed and returned to JLC.



I have read the Julie Learning Center handbook and agree to abide by the requirements and code of behavior.


Child’s name _______________________


Signature of parent or guardian _______________________


Date _________________