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News from the director

Julie Learning Center is a preschool ministry of the SND-USA Congregation. Our program is focused on developing the imagination and creativity of our children through an immersion in brain based educational practices.  These include an appropriate balance of experiences in traditional academic content and Reggio inspired practices, and an outdoor nature program.  Our program is also designed to give the children experiences in living the gospel values and recognizing the provident care of God.


Our students, who range in age from 3 ½ through 5, play and learn together.  Instead of separate, age-based classrooms, we have a large central gathering space that contains our meeting rug, dramatic play areas, and academic centers.  This configuration provides an opportunity for all the children to learn from others, teach others, and practice their social and emotional skills.


Throughout the day, the children spend time outdoors exploring our extensive campus.  They might visit the gazebo to observe changes in the landscaped areas throughout the seasons, stop by the pond to feed the fish, or rake the leaves on one of the large open lawns.  In the winter, they use art trays to sled down the hills when it snows, and in the spring, they use those same hills to learn how to roll down them without going sideways.   We are outside almost every day for a minimum of at least two hours, most often more, so our students know how to dress for the weather and adapt to changing conditions throughout the year.


Because we are fortunate to be housed in the St. Joseph Heights Convent, the children interact with the sisters on a regular basis.  Children visit the nursing home residents, engage in activities and projects with the sisters, and share in-house celebrations, entertainment, and special events.  Some of the sisters volunteer in our center on a regular basis, either by serving as assistants or teaching special classes each week.


Most of our personnel have from 12 to over 30 years of experience as educators, while some of our staff  are beginning their careers in preschool education as they work to continue their education beyond their associate degrees.


We welcome inquiries from families interested in enrolling a child.  Call or email us,  and be sure to follow our Facebook and Flickr pages for photos that showcase our daily activities. 




Mary M. Hedger, M Ed, M Adm

Julie Learning Center

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