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Tuition Rates and fees for 2024/2025


Paid in full the first day of school OR paid through FACTS in 9 installments beginning in September and ending in May. A $100 service fee for FACTS applies and will be added to the tuition total. $125 supply fee plus a field trip fee (amount to be determined each year) will be added to your FACTS fee and tuition payments. An additional amount may be charged for students who are not 4 years old at the beginning of the school year.

FACTS Fee $100

Field trips/in house shows and programs $75

Supply fee $125

Total fees added to tuition for 24/25 is $300


Tuition Rates

Preschool, Morning session, 7am - 12:30 am

3 mornings - $4363

4 mornings - $4897

5 mornings - $5323


Preschool, Full day session, 7am - 5:45 pm

3 days - $6670

4 days - $7072

5 days - $7422


After School from St. Agnes

This program is available only to those students who have attended JLC. Space is limited. Kindergarten and first grade (St. Agnes provides transportation), one fee of $1852

Additional charges apply if student attends JLC when St. Agnes dismisses early, and

if JLC is able to accommodate requests which must be submitted in advance for approval.

Parents will be given a completed financial responsibility form with their total tuition and fees amount at the Open House.

These must be signed and returned on the first day of school.

You must enroll in the FACTS tuition payment plan between August 1st and August 15th before your registration is complete. Enroll HERE.
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